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About Ideal Care

Ideal Care LLC is always looking how to better serve the needs of the Families, Consumers and Members! Along with our Direct Care Workers, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile! Ideal Care LLC is an HCBS/ADH/CDH Agency that places a positive emphasis on the children and adults we serve.

We have adopted the ‘Family Model’, which highlights Respect, Commitment, Excellence of Service, Passion and Patience! Working closely with the Community, we offer FREE training to our Direct Care Workers/Care Providers. We offer FREE activities for the Consumers and Families! We also provide workshops covering interesting topics for our Community as well!

Our Services

Attendant Care

This is a service that provides necessary support for whom requires help on a daily basis in order to complete daily tasks.


Habilitation are self-help skills taught in steps to develop more independence and confidence.


This is a service that provides hourly care and supervision to the member based on their individual support plan (ISP).

“I have found the paradox, That if you Love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more Love.”
-Mother Teresa

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate independence on behalf of all of the consumers, members and families through excellence of service! Treating each individual with dignity and respect as our care providers interact with them on a daily basis.


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