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Job Description

Starting Salary: $19.00/hr ATC | $19.00/hr RSP | $20.50/hr HAB
Hours: Part-Time Positions Available Only (Not to Exceed 40 hours per week)

A Direct Care Worker provides assistance and care to the youth with day-to-day needs who are residents at the home.
The job description of a Direct Care Worker involves patience, empathy, strong interpersonal skills, and a detailed knowledge of best care practices. Demonstrate and guide Youth and Adults with their daily living skills, maintaining structure on a daily basis. A Direct Care Worker provides a number of services depending on the needs of the Member/Consumer; examples of these might include, assisting Members with daily living activities, prompting individuals on independent living or other emotionally focused issues.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Direct Care Worker:
• Helps maintain the structure of the Home by assisting Member/Consumer throughout the day by following pre-arranged schedule
• Assists ensure residents follow recommended daily hygiene tasks.
• Requires assisting individuals with hygiene and providing personal care
• Possible ensuring that Members/Consumers take their prescribed medications.
• Prepares meals that adhere to special dietary considerations of Members/Consumers.
• Assists with light cleaning and housework, and helps resident’s complete basic household tasks.
• Model and coach basic emotion regulation skills
• Works with youth and their school needs, providing support and assistance during daily activities.
• Meets with family to discuss needs of residents as discussed by treatment team.
• Organizes activities for Members/Consumers.
• Supervise the physical and psychological well-being of Members/Consumers in his/her care.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Skills required include patience and compassion,
• Possesses excellent interpersonal skills.
• Works well with a variety of different individuals.
• Possesses detailed knowledge of patient’s condition, symptoms, and medications.
• Exhibits ability to think quickly and act calmly in an Emergency.
• Demonstrates strong organizational, and time management skills
• Communicates clearly and effectively, strong verbal and written communication, possesses strong listening skills,
• Pays close attention to detail, has problem solving ability, with good conflict resolution.
• Demonstrates awareness of proper first aid and emergency response procedures
• Possesses physical stamina required to help individuals.
• Possesses emotional strength necessary to work with potentially traumatized youth
• Maintains friendly and open demeanor at all times.

Education and Experience:
• A direct care worker holds at least a high school diploma. Must be at least 18 years of age.
• Direct Care Workers are also required to successfully complete all necessary training and background checks prior to working with the youth.
• Work Environment
• A Direct Care Worker will spend the majority of his or her working hours working in a 1-1 ratio with their Member/Consumer, working on the Member/Consumer’s needs, focused on completing daily tasks. Other times might be transporting will be spent transporting Member/Consumer to school activities or other appointments outside of the home. Shifts vary, depending on the needs of the Members/Consumers – some Direct Care Workers might cover Morning Hour Shifts/Times, while other Direct Care Workers might cover Afternoon/Night Shifts/Times. The job of a Direct Care Worker can be physically and emotionally taxing, especially when working with high-needs individuals but very rewarding Emotionally!

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