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Ideal Care LLC was founded with the mindset of providing appropriate and dynamic Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). This would include ATC – Habitation – Respite – and Housekeeping Services. As parents and advocates of our Community, we felt compelled to open up a Provider Agency that treated families as “Family” with the Dignity and Respect all Families deserve. So with that being said, my wife Gabriela Orozco and myself decided in 2014 to apply and open the doors of our agency Ideal Care LLC. The combined experience of both my wife and I in the area of Education and in the Special Needs Field easily span over two decades. “So by applying our combined experiences, our aim has been through trainings and activities, to expand the minds and the limits of the Consumers and Families we serve – and as you can see from the face of actual Consumers, and Providers – the Enthusiasm just shines through!”


Our vision is to elevate independence on behalf of all of the consumers, members and families through excellence of service! Treating each individual with dignity and respect.


Our Mission at Ideal Care LLC Is to provide the best possible care and service to all of the Consumers, Members, and Families  regardless of their Creed, Ethnicity, Gender, Disability, or Sexual Orientation. Our Number One Priority is to be the Guiding Voice for Individuals with Special Needs and to develop a long-lasting relationship with those we serve along with their Families. providers interact with them on a daily basis.


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